About the company

The main activity at Eastern Electronics SK, s.r.o. is assembling PCBs – printed circuit boards. The company has been active and successful on the European market for this field since 2006. The company owns all of the production equipment necessary for assembling printed circuit boards in all standard configurations and even the certificate ISO 9001:2008. In addition to PCB assembly, our company also completes production documentation for customers. We offer you quality, speed, flexibility and an excellent price.

Automated production lines

Our company’s main activity is assembling PCBs (printed circuit boards) and installing SMD, using axial and other traditional components. The technical production process uses modern, fully-automated SMD and axial lines and includes a Vitronics Soltec wave soldering line, all of which ensure maximum flexibility and guarantee the quality of our products to satisfy our customers.

  • SMD line - Fuji NXTII (4xM6) / IP III
  • SMD line - Fuji CP 643 ME / CP 642 ME / IP III
  • SMD line - Philips Topaz
  • Axial line - Dynapert
  • Soldering Wave - 2x Vitronics Soltec

Diagnostic optical and functional tests

Our products undergo optical testing on Omron and Sony equipment and functional testing on Seica equipment. The optical test compares the outline of the printed circuit board with optical data and shows the locations on the printed circuit board where there is a conflict with the optical data. Diagnostic functional testing is completed by making contact at test points on the boards to test their overall integrity at the same time. A combination of optical and functional board testing helps keep the number of defects brought to market and therefore to customers close to zero.

  • Optical test on devices Omron, Sony
  • Functional test on devices Seica, Spea

Production department with manual assembly

Manual assembly of microswitches for the automotive industry and household appliances with visual output inspection. Our production department focuses on manual assembly, which also involves necessary machine tools (laminator, reed and others) along with final output inspection. Our company employs 160 qualified staff who are professionally trained with regards to our working processes and perform their work with the newest technologies.

  • Manual assembly equipment
  • Product visual output inspection

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Phone number: +421/43/559 37 22
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